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what the bloody hell is a mustard shower?

I am a mustard shower. You are a mustard shower. We are a mustard shower.

I believe we are all infinite beings existing in a world of spectrums within spectrums with varying shades within shades. To be of joy, sadness, hope, dread, love, and fear all at once is oh so naturally human. And yet, we live in a bounded and constricted world of duality created by white supremacy. A world which teaches us we are never enough, worthy, or deserving of love. A world which keeps us separated from each other and ourselves. A world which generates endless self-hatred.


The beautiful truth is we are now living in the Age of Aquarius, a time of moving beyond duality and oppression towards true justice, equality, and collectivism. A time of revolution, resolution, reparations, rest, rebuilding, restructuring, remembering, reckoning, resistance, rebalancing, reallocating resources, and taking relentless responsibility for our energies, thoughts, actions, and proximities to power. A time of discovering the potential of our internal worlds to be spaces of love, peace, compassion and kindness. A time of creating spaces for all beings living at all intersections of each and every spectrum and shade. A time where each and every being has access to cultivating self-love and the freedom to simply be who they are called to be. A time where we are all supported on the path of discovering our avenues of fulfillment, joy and how we are meant to be of service to the collective and, therefore, ourselves. A time where we treat Mother Earth and all

beings with reciprocity, love, and gratitude.

The collective, the cosmos, Mother Earth, and the universe are all calling for each of us to begin the process of learning to love ourselves as it is through this self-love we will find true and sustainable reconciliation, justice, equitability and equality.

May we all know we are love. 

May we all know we are interconnected.

May we all rise up and do better.

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