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we are here to evolve


The feeling of being full of sunshine and rain is a mustard shower my dear.

This conflicting and contradicting nature is what it is to be a human. Yet, we exist in a world which tells us life is meant to be easy and we are wrong, unworthy, and unloveable when it inevitably becomes the spectrum of hardship. 

Mustard Shower Evolution is on a mission to dismantle self-limiting beliefs one being at a time through the unique services of Reiki Infused Breathwork, intuitively guided 1 on 1 support, Reiki for humans and animals, and, coming soon, Embodiment Coaching.

It is my duty and honor to serve my clients as a channel of learning to love yourself, a sharer of tools of connection to our bodies and breath, and cultivator of community, awareness, joy, collective liberation, equitability and self-love. 

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20 Minute Discovery Call

Questions? Curiosities? Let's connect via phone call to clarify any questions and see if we’d work well together

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[r]evolve together

Creating collective and personal spaces to begin the revolution within, learn to love ourselves, expand perspectives, take responsibility for our energies, thoughts and actions, and evolve into the Age of Aquarius through Breathwork, Reiki, 1-1 support and more