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why hello!

​I'm Kendle Celeste

I am an intuitive thought provoker, evolution and revolution guide, system disrupter and dismantler, innovator, endless learner, mustard shower, trash bird, green witch and, mostly, a work-in-progress.


Do you hear the call to live from your heart and let your whole self shine?

Are you ready to move beyond the blocks society has embedded into you? 

If so, welcome home! 

I help guide people such as yourself towards self-acceptance, self-love and the embodiment of each aspect of yourself - even those we've learned to keep hidden. I help people see beyond the limits society has taught us to put on ourselves and feel into the beautiful presence and possibility of embracing the whole of you, now. 

my story

As a being who has a moon sign in Capricorn and is designed to bump into life, the journey of learning to love myself is an arduous road. Since around the age of 11, the voices rooted in self-hatred, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, unworthiness, perfectionism, shame and abandonment have been loud and present. From my lens, life continued to only further confirm what the voices said. And although these voices and events which generated them were from the virus of white supremacy and projection of other people's traumas, the self-blame, shame and immense hatred felt to be my destiny. This hit an all-time high when I graduated from UCLA and lost the identity I had known for over 17 years. I was excessively drinking, being reckless with my mind and body, and feeling incredibly lost, alone, and confused all the while continuing to stuff any feelings, emotions or desires to seek help deep down inside. I was numb, deeply dissociated from my body and did not care if I lived or died.  


In 2018, I was gifted the opportunity to dive deep into my heart while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda. It was an incredibly challenging and beautiful experience. Although I brought the toxic and cyclic patterns with me, it gave me the opportunity to begin the process of reckoning with the extensive privileges I have, dissecting who I was, learning to separate self from the conditionings and expectations limiting me, exploring a different relationship with the voices in my head, and actively practicing loving myself, being vulnerable and asking for help.

This time ignited passions for spirituality, Breathwork, meditation, astrology, energy work, mental health, racial justice and collective liberation which were only further nourished upon our sudden return to the States at the start of the pandemic.

With being brought back, I was able to access talk therapy and began the process of professionally reacclimating to the States and working through the anxiety, paranoia, depression, self-limiting beliefs and toxic cycles I had oscillated in for most of life. 

However, talk therapy simply was not enough.

I could hear her telling me I was worthy, that I was enough, that life was worth living but to actually feel that? To wake up and be able to say “hey Kendle, you are worthy let’s have a great day!!” felt impossible and I felt stuck.

Thankfully, a friend suggested I try Reiki and linked me to an amazing Intuitive Energy Worker and Breathwork Facilitator, Melanie Wood, and slowly, slowly I began to rise up. I began deepening the connection to my intuition and was following the nudges from the universe. Leading me to where I am today: working for Colorado "I Have A Dream" Foundation, growing mustard shower evolution, continuing my own healing through Somatic Based Therapy, Breathwork, EFT, Parts Work, and other modalities, and on a path of infinite self-discovery and actualization. 

I have stepped into my power and know I am here to help society move into the Age of Aquarius: a new paradigm and way of existence, a place where there is space for each and every one of us to be who we are called to be. 

This revolution must begin within. 

It is the greatest honor to hold space for your own evolution - thank you for being here and for choosing to do the work.

I look forward to meeting you as I have met myself through this work.

my driving values and essences:

val·ue: the implicit foundation for action and social psychological resilience (Reinhard Stelter)
es·sence: the intrinsic nature or quality of something such as a value, goal, desire...








































This ever-evolving list represents the energetic influences behind how I show up in this world and how I orient myself to whatever life brings. These values and essences are what I aim to embody from moment to moment (when applicable, accessible and in capacity) and in the big picture of life. The ones in bold are my current core drivers.

There may be a few on this list that made you pause and ask 'now why in the world would this woman want to live from a place of shame!?' This is what living from the wholeness of who you are is all about. I have learned to embrace these "shadow" aspects of myself so that I can live from a more grounded sense of self, the seat of my higher self and create space for healing and (r)evolution. 

Curious to try it on? Join me in the revolution through my heart-based offerings: At The Roots Coaching, Reiki Infused Conscious Breathwork, and Self-Sundays.


- I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology from UCLA

- I completed a Conscious Breathwork apprenticeship under Claudia Nanino

- I was attuned to Usui Reiki Level 1

- I am a soon to be a Professional Coach and Transformational Embodiment Facilitator! I am undergoing an intensive and immersive certification program through Coaching Evolved where I am being trained in over 60 modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique, Breathwork, and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

- I am enrolled in an Embodying Social Justice course and a Holding Space for Sexual Trauma course 

I exist at the intersection of identities and privileges as a cis-gendered, neuro-divergent, able-bodied, thin-bodied, financially stable, college educated white bodied woman.


my commitment to you and the collective:

I am committed to holding myself in love and compassion as I continue the path of evolution, to taking responsibility and accountability for my energies, actions, and privileges, to honoring my own capacity and needs and to serving the collective in any and all avenues I feel called to for however long feels supported and aligned as I continue to venture on the path of self-actualization and spiritual fulfillment. It is my duty and responsibility to continue to unlearn, learn, grow, evolve, and nourish all aspects of myself and ensure I am serving myself first as I dive deep into the path of personal liberation as it is through this we will have collective liberation.

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