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At The Roots Coaching

are you ready to learn tools and make embodied shifts to transform and revolutionize your life while generating clarity, confidence, and a grounded sense of self?

raise a body part if you resonate with any of the following:

  • You are craving to live as your most authentic self 

  • You feel out of alignment with how you show up in the world

  • You are dreaming of living in the world with an open, soft heart

  • You are struggling to make strides towards your goals and dreams 

  • You longing to create a different relationship with hidden aspects of yourself

  • You are yearning for tools to help you flow with the changes and challenges life brings

**all bodies suddenly levitate**

I am right there with you, my dear!

Creating space from the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors we have been existing from is a long process. When I was at the depths of my journey, I was stuck and struggling to make any strides towards my goals, dreams, and desire to be my most authentic and aligned self. I continually got rocked by the changes life brought, felt powerless and all I wanted was to move beyond the cycle of self-limiting beliefs and actions. 

Coaching has been an integral addition to therapy and other healing practices I engage in. I have found immense growth, self-acceptance, peace, clarity, and confidence through the use of Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Parts Work, Values Elicitation, the embodiment of shame, grief and other often hidden aspects that make up the whole of me, and the numerous other tools I have learned through the process of becoming a certified coach. The space I have created for the different aspects of myself has been integral in developing a grounded sense of who I am and what I want. It has allowed me to develop a different relationship with and move beyond my internal limitations.

From perspective shifts, to emotional and energetic releases, to a deeper alignment with and embodiment of the totality of who I am, I feel immensely blessed and grateful for the transformation my life has gone and is continuing to go through and I would be honored to be your guide as you revolutionize your life. 

Over the course of 3 months, we will dive deep into the roots of who you are, your emotional, energetic, mental, physical and spiritual experiences and what is holding you back from being your most authentic and aligned self. We will do this through the lens of trauma informed, culturally conscious and somatic based coaching. I will guide you through the utilization of different somatic and cognitive based tools and modalities designed to shift perspectives, move energy, open your nervous system to expansive possibilities, rewire neural pathways and create a different relationship with aspects of yourself. We will co-create each session as we move towards your goals and dreams all the while growing your confidence to handle what life brings your way, your connection to intuition, and the embodiment of your whole self.

Shadows on the Wall

If you're like me, you have found yourself tapped out from bending your boundaries, people pleasing, and not honoring your own needs. You are tired of being at war with yourself and you know the ingrained patterns and beliefs are no longer serving you but you're unsure how to shift them. You want to feel more than you think and lead with your heart more than your head but actually doing this feels counterintuitive. 

This is completely natural. Unequivocally so.


The paradigm of our society thrives when you feel this way. When we are disconnected from our needs, our bodies, our higher selves, it wins. When we are trapped in cycles of self-limiting beliefs and patterns, it prevails. When we are caught in war with ourselves and leading with our minds, it triumphs

The exciting truth is we have powerful ways to shift the conditioning of this paradigm and the way it holds us back inside of ourselves.

An avenue to tapping into the power within?


The container of coaching is like a cocoon.

It holds the vision of who you want to be, asks what do we need to shift, embrace, and be in this now for that dream to come into fruition with ease and guides you towards embodying these changes. ​


If you will indulge me for a moment, I invite you to imagine 90 days from now when you step out of the cocoon we created together.

You see yourself moving through your day.

You are in connection to and grounded in your authentic self.

You are holding yourself in deep love and showing up confidently.

You are advocating for yourself, setting boundaries, and leading with your heart.

You are honoring your needs and what your body is asking for with grace and compassion.

When the waves of life come crashing down, you tap into your tool belt and are able to hold yourself as you feel, process, release, and recenter.

You are your biggest cheerleader and absolutely adore who you are and who you are becoming.

You have created space in your body and mind for all aspects of you to have air and through this you have created a foundation of trust within yourself.

This is more than a dream, if you choose the path of revolution, it is your life.

are you ready to step out of your cocoon and bloom?

the process:

We will engage in a 30-40 minute Discovery Call to gain clarity on if working together is in our highest good. 

If so, the next steps will be set into motion. Below outlines what you will be receiving from the 12 weeks we work together!

Month 1: Unearth

Our first session is a 2-3 hour intake where we deep dive into what you are seeking support through, what your current values are and what you are wanting to embody more of. I will introduce you to the foundational modalities we will be using during our time together such as Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), and Future Self Visualization.

We will have a 60 minute session 2 weeks afterwards. We will be using what we unearthed in our first session to refine your goals for our coaching container while we deepen our awareness of how you are currently showing up, what your beliefs are and what patterns are holding you back. 

These four weeks will help us generate the roadmap for the next month together

2 hours of Voxer Support (messaging & voice notes) is available to you

Month 2: Germinate

We will meet for 60 minutes twice* during these four weeks. During this time, we will be growing the seeds of awareness we unearthed in our first month together while pulling out any 'weeds' or beliefs / patterns that are no longer serving you.  

We will begin integrating the embodiment of your whole self while expanding your relationship with your facets of being, parts, and perspectives through the foundational modalities and others which will best serve you. There will be an increased sense of clarity and connection to your authentic self which will inform our next four weeks together. 

*If accessible and in alignment, our 4th session together will be an activating Breathwork journey and will last for 80-90 minutes.

2 hours of Voxer Support is available to you

Month 3: Bloom

We will meet for 60 minutes three times during these four weeks where we will continue to nurture the shifts you are making and all you have cultivated from that last 2 months will begin to bloom from the inside out. 

There will be deeper integration of what you have learned and we will hold space for visualizing what you want to continue to grow towards. We will reflect, process, and step into ways you will continue to do this work on your own. 

During our last* session we will engage in a close of relationship conversation.  

2 hours of Voxer Support is available to you plus an additional hour for the following month

*My goal is to ensure you feel capable to continue your journey without my support. If this does not feel to be in your highest good, there are further options we will consider at that time.

In addition to all of the above, you will also receive custom recordings of certain tools we use as well as a gifted session with my dear friend, Melanie Wood

and now the nitty gritty...

cost / energy exchange:

pay what feels accessible  / pay the cost / pay it forward 

$+/-1800 / $3,400 / $3,400+

payment plans available 

Please visit Rate Explanation to decipher which payment category you are in and Quell Your Questions for more information on what coaching is and my approach

please note:

***I currently have capacity for 4 'pay what feels accessible' clients at a time***

   I am in the process of becoming a certified coach through Coaching Evolved 

a portion of monthly proceeds will be donated to various cultural/educational/social justice/collective liberation/environmental/reparation based organizations

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