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Image by Nikhil kumar

20 Minute Discovery Call

Questions? Curiosities? Let's connect via phone or video call to clarify any questions and see if we’d work well together

*Please note, if we decide working together is not aligned, I will provide recommendations to others

serving in these spaces who may be better able to support you


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transform your animal's stress and discomfort into peace and well-being

A 40 or 70 minute in-person non-invasive Reiki session where you will sit near or with your pet as I channel Reiki to whichever parts of your animal's body are in need. During our first visit, we will discuss your animal's behavior and I will inquire about known history. After the Reiki session is complete, we will have time to discuss any insights I received while channeling. Supportive tools such as Palo Santo and crystals may be utilized during our time together.

*Please see Quell Your Questions for more information on and contraindications to Reiki

pay what feels accessible / pay the cost / pay it forward

40 minutes:

$+/-40 / $60 / $60+ 

70 minutes:

$+/-60 / $90 / $90+ 

+ travel expenses if applicable and accessible

a portion of all monthly proceeds will be donated to various cultural/educational/social justice/collective liberation/environmental/reparation based organizations

***Please note I currently have capacity for 4 'pay what feels accessible' spots a month***