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Image by Esteban Castle

I've been working with Kendle on and off for a year now. And each time she takes me through the ethers of my breath I am gifted a release (may that be physical, mental, or emotional) which brings me a sense of peace through me. As a Breathwork teacher myself, I know from personal experience how important it is for the facilitator to hold a safe and sacred space for another to journey through the experience and when she holds space for me, I always feel held and safe and therefore I am able to open to heal on a soul based level. I am very particular with whom I work with when it comes to energy work and with Kendle, I never doubt the purity of the space. She is a true lightworker and I am so grateful to have her in my soul family.

Melanie Wood

I can’t recommend working with Kendle enough. It’s hard to put into words the impact she has had on my healing journey. It takes a special person to be able to create a safe space for vulnerability. She has this calming, loving energy that makes you feel so at home and grounded. I have had several breath-work sessions with her and have felt so comfortable opening up and releasing emotions and stuck energy. Not only is she a wonderful breath-work facilitator, but she offers incredible insight and a safe space to share vulnerable thoughts. She is so wise beyond her years and I am incredibly grateful she came into my life. I highly recommend you have a session with her, your soul will thank you!

Kelsey Jankauskas

A true, genuine love for humanity and a caring personality is what Kendle exudes. Her gift gave me relief from physical pain no one should ever have to endure and thru that, made a believer out of a skeptic. 
On another occasion Kendle was asked to provide a Remembrance Ceremony for a lost family member. It was a beautiful experience and helped tremendously in the grief process. 
I am One Happy Patron!

Mike Davis

I have incorporated several of Kendle's meditations into my daily practice, and now rely upon and treasure them. I am a new nurse and often leave the hospital in a state of overwhelm. I use Kendle's "Energy Cleanse and Clear" meditation to clear my consciousness and return to myself after days of taking on other people's energies. 
She guides eloquently and gently, creating a space where I feel both held and free. She is a wise teacher, a generous giver, and a fellow seeker. I am immensely grateful for Kendle's offerings!

Danielle Schmid

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