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20 Minute Discovery Call

Questions? Curiosities? Let's connect via phone or video call to clarify any questions and see if we’d work well together. If you are seeking to enroll in a coaching program a discovery call is one of the first steps!

*Please note, if we decide working together is not aligned, I will provide recommendations to others

serving in these spaces who may be better able to support you


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At The Roots
Embodiment Coaching and Transformational Life Support

learn tools | move beyond self-limiting beliefs and conditioning | nourish soul, body and spirit | feel seen, heard, held, supported and loved | generate clarity and confidence | connect to intuition and higher self | embody authentic self | transform and revolutionize your life

Creating space from the thoughts and actions we have been existing from is a long process. When I was at the depths of my journey, all I wanted was for someone to guide me through how to get through the day to day. I would have a reiki or therapy session, feel great for a day, and then boom I was back in the cycle of self-limiting beliefs and actions. I was stuck and struggling to make any strides towards my goals, dreams, and desire to be my most authentic and aligned self. 

I would be honored to be that somebody for you. 

Together, we will dive deep into the roots of who you are and what is holding you back from being your most authentic and aligned self. We will work towards your goals and dreams all the while growing your confidence, your connection to intuition, and the embodiment of your whole self. 

If we decide it is aligned for us to work together after a Discovery Call, we will begin with a 60-80 minute video or in-person session where we will further discuss what you are seeking support through and outline your goals for the program. I will intuitively select and share an initial tool(s) for you to begin practicing daily when accessible. 

Then, depending on which packet you choose, we will then meet 1 or 2 times a week for 60 minutes where we will work towards your goals as we co-create each session and tap into tools which access all 5 facets of being. 

As a gift, we will have 3-6 Conscious Breathwork journeys depending on which packet you choose. 

pay what feels accessible  / pay the cost / pay it forward 

1 time a week for 3 months (12 sessions):

$+/-1000 / $1800 / $1800+

2 times a week for 3 months (24 sessions):

$+/-2600 / $3600 / $3600+

1 time a week for 6 months (24 sessions):

$+/-2600 / $3600 / $3600+

2 times a week for 6 months (48 sessions):

$+/-5800 / $7200 / $7200+

Please note:

Our initial intake/goal setting session is included in the session count. 

I am currently in the process of becoming a certified coach through Coaching Evolved. Once I complete the program, prices will increase. 

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Reiki Infused Conscious Breathwork

move stagnant energy | gain clarity, insights and a higher perspective | reset nervous system | create space for healing | widen capacity to sit with the spectrum of emotions

A 80-140 minute virtual or in-person Breathwork journey where you will utilize the sequence of breath offered through Conscious Breathwork to tap into the wisdom and power of the breath. During our first session, I will offer a 30 minute introduction to Conscious Breathwork. As we begin the session, I will guide you through intuitively chosen grounding and centering meditation(s) and invite you to begin accessing Conscious Breathwork. While you are breathing, I will be channeling Reiki, our light teams, and other intuitively selected modalities which help energy to move through the body. After the journey is complete, we will have time to discuss what came up for you and/or insights I received while channeling. Oracle cards, book passages and/or other supportive tools may be utilized during our time together.

*Please see Quell Your Questions for more information on and contraindications to Breathwork and Reiki

pay what feels accessible / pay the cost / pay it forward

$+/-85 / $150 / $150+

+ travel expenses if applicable and accessible

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Intuitively Guided Energy Movement

help energy to flow | feel empowered and refreshed

A 30 to 60 minute virtual or in-person session where I will intuitively select a method(s) of energy movement from breathing techniques to visualization based meditation to humming to dancing and beyond. Together we will move through these practices to help move stagnant energy, create space for peace, relaxation, inspiration, and/or motivation. Oracle cards, book passages and/or other supportive tools may be utilized during our time together.

pay what feels accessible / pay the cost / pay it forward

$+/-50 / $80 / $80+

+ travel expenses if applicable and accessible


Collective Gatherings

connect | nourish | expand

Connect with other beings on the journey of self-love and dismantling conditionings through collective experiences. From Conscious Breathwork, to dance, to fellow energy workers, to podcast / poem / art discussions, to book clubs, to month-based intention settings - find and nurture all you are expanding into with a loving and supportive group of fellow evolution seekers. 

Virtual, in-person, and private groups offered. 

*Please note these gatherings may be hosted by other parties

pay what feels accessible / pay the cost / pay it forward 

$+/-25 / $45 / $45+

a portion of monthly proceeds will be donated to various cultural/educational/social justice/collective liberation/environmental/reparation based organizations

***Please note I currently have capacity for 4 'pay what feels accessible' spots a month per offering***