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Image by Nikhil kumar

20 minute Discovery Call

Questions? Curiosities? Let's connect via phone or video call to clarify any questions and see if we’d work well together. 

*Please note, if we decide working together is not aligned, I will provide recommendations to others serving in these spaces who may be better able to support you


Image by Janine Joles

Reiki Infused Conscious Breathwork


are you seeking a way to reduce stress, gain clarity, and move stuck, stagnant energy in the body?

well, my friend, have I got a gift for you - your breath!!

Conscious Breathwork, a type of activating breathwork, is a foundational tool in my self-love practice. The numerous breathwork journeys I have done have helped me to gain insights, a higher perspective, and forgiveness. It has gifted me the opportunity to grieve, excavate energies I was holding onto from previous life experiences, connect to my higher self and spirit guides and develop a different relationship with life and myself.  

Alongside these incredible benefits, Conscious Breathwork is known to generate deep rest, reset the nervous system, create space for healing, widen capacity to sit with the spectrum of emotions and is immensely supportive for depression and anxiety.

so.. I just breathe or??

This is a 80-140 minute virtual or in-person Breathwork journey where you will utilize the sequence of breath offered through Conscious Breathwork to tap into the wisdom and power of the breath. During our first session, I will offer a 10 minute introduction to Conscious Breathwork. As we begin the session, I will guide you through intuitively chosen grounding and centering meditation(s) and invite you to begin accessing Conscious Breathwork. While you are breathing, I will be channeling Reiki (in-person only), our light teams, and other intuitively selected modalities which help energy to move through the body. After the journey is complete, we will have time to discuss what came up for you and/or insights I received while channeling. Oracle cards, book passages and/or other supportive tools may be utilized during our time together.

pay what feels accessible / pay the cost / pay it forward

$+/-85 / $150 / $150+

+ travel expenses if applicable and accessible


Please visit Rate Explanation to decipher which payment category you are in and Quell Your Questions for more information on and contraindications to Breathwork and Reiki

Image by Craig Strahorn

Self-Sundays: Monthly Collective Conscious Breathwork Journey


do you hear the call to prioritize yourself, create space for more rest and connect to others on the journey of self-love? 

If any of this resonates, you are most welcome to Self-Sundays - a once a month collective gathering for breathwork, connection, and an opportunity to choose yourself.

2023 (7) is the year of self. The energy of a 7 year focuses on how we feel about ourselves internally. With self-awareness and self-discovery at the forefront, this is a year of inner growth. 

Breathwork continues to be fundamental for my inner growth and in generating a deeper sense of love for myself. I feel immensely honored and blessed to create a container for you to tap into the wisdom of your breath and connect to yourself and others on this journey. 

Current dates:

March 19th at 4PM MST / 3PM PST / 6PM EST

April 23rd time TBA

a portion of monthly proceeds will be donated to various cultural/educational/social justice/collective liberation/environmental/reparation based organizations

***Please note I currently have capacity for 4 'pay what feels accessible' spots a month per offering***

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