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ready to embrace your true self and live authentically?

I guide revolutionaries, changemakers, and cycle breakers like you heeding the call to shift away from the constructs and conditionings learned from life to live with an open heart, authentically and radically as your whole self, and feel capable of facing any challenges and changes life brings your way

a mustard shower [ the phrase my mom gave the moments when it is both rainy and sunny 
is the epitome
of what it is to be alive: full of rain, sunshine, and everything in between

and yet, society prevents us from living from this full expression of what it is to be alive. it conditions us to exist into the mold that fits it, not us.

I'm curious, do you feel out of sync with and disconnected from yourself?

are you aware of patterns and blocks that are no longer serving you but unsure of how to move beyond them?

do you find it difficult to maintain boundaries, advocate for yourself, and feel confident in your own skin?  

you, my dear, are in loving company. 

the constructs and conditionings ingrained into us are designed to keep us limited, disengaged from our power, and separated from ourselves and each other.

if you are ready to move beyond what society has deemed as acceptable and step into your power, I'm ready to cheer you on, empower you, and teach you tools that'll keep you grounded and connected to yourself no matter what comes your way!

Mustard Shower Evolution was born from the dream of making the journey of self-love, living with an open, soft heart, and cycle-breaking accessible to all beings.

My mission is to create pathways for individuals to embrace the wholeness of who they are, become their most authentic and aligned selves and feel equipped to take on whatever life brings through the unique service of intuitively guided 1 on 1 support via At The Roots Coaching and Guidance.

I invite you to explore my heart-based offering and, ultimately, the wide spectrum of who you are. 

hello love!

I'm Kendle (she/they).

I believe it is a human right to have access to the invaluable tools available to us through our breath, bodies, and minds.


It is my duty and honor to serve my clients and the collective as a channel of learning to love and embody your whole self, a sharer of tools for connection to our bodies, breath and higher selves, and cultivator of community, joy, collective liberation and authenticity. 

I love shinning a light on the beauty and infinite nature I see within the beings I work with and hope to be a guide on your journey to authenticity and alignment.

Thank you for gracing me with your curiosity and energy - sending much love to you, my fellow infinite being living a human existence. ​​


Kasia Krasucka - Entrepreneur, Online Course Creator, Motivational Speaker

What a difference coaching can make! Kendle is an amazing listener. She asked questions that made me explore my beliefs and habits. I really felt the difference in myself after every session with her - I felt calmer, more balanced, I felt heard. I received many new tools that help me navigate my emotions on a daily basis. She taught me how to work on healing my parts in the most inspiring way. Thanks to our coaching sessions, I was able to explore my triggers and heal many of them. Kendle taught me how to celebrate my wins no matter how big or small! Thank you Kendle. It’s a truly life-changing experience.
Image by Marten Bjork

At The Roots Coaching

are you ready to learn tools and make embodied shifts to transform and revolutionize your life while generating clarity, confidence, and a grounded sense of self?


[r]evolve together

Choosing to live as our most aligned and authentic selves is part of the revolution - will you join me?

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